disarmingly simple software product creation


Technology Assessments

With years of technology and systems development experience Turati is perfectly positioned to give independent reports on software maturity, veracity of readiness and technical soundness.

Organisation Development

Having built numerous software engineering teams and software product oriented companies Turati can help found, grow and mature existing teams. Scaling teams is hard and experience counts.

Product Management

Turati is fundamentally a product management company; translating a founder’s visions for their software product into reality across the whole application lifecycle and value chain. Product management done right.

Software Productisation

Product Development

We build software products. Our experience covers online banking, cellphone banking, mobile POS, USSD and Android. Currently Electron is our go to tool for cross platform support.

Customer Development

Following on from design thinking and customer development we take a lean, MVP execution philosophy and apply it to developing the customer. Voice of the customer and qualified research into actual needs of customers and their pain points leads to better product market fit.

Data Development

Designing for good data artefacts is the new mantra. Turati builds best of breed data management, analysis and warehousing processes. Designing for good data is core to extracting commensurate value from software projects.


Career Management

Managing a technical career is non-trivial and making tough choices along the way is inevitable. Turati offers career advice, mentorship and development management to engineers at all phases of their career.

Start-Up Management

With extensive experience getting start-ups out of the starting blocks, Turati is the ideal partner to lean on to establish good guiding principles and go to market launch strategies.

Supplier Management

Having worked across the value chain Turati is able to assemble at quick notice a team of skilled, multidisciplinary engineers, developers and designers to execture against the most difficult and challenging projects.


Day Ten

Today we are presenting a demo in development for our first client – the Manage My Area product for the Wynberg Business District. This process began in July last year when we conceptualised and created a “proof of concept” whereby we connect business owners and...

Day Zero

Turati Software starts today with Daniel joining our team as a co-founder, shareholder and software engineer. I am very thankful for his vote of confidence in me and in the vision that I have to create disarmingly simple software products through Turati. Creating...